Sunday, August 3, 2008

Life Without Salv

I usually avoid reading early beta/patch notes, simply because too much changes between initial rumors and final release, but I heard a couple of days ago that Blessing of Salvation was being removed from the game in Wrath of the Lich King.

Raiding paladins, does any of this sound familiar?
"Can hunters get salv, please?"
"We need a rebuff on salv before we start this fight."

I found myself completely unable to picture life without salv, so I went and read the beta patch notes. Interestingly enough, I don't think the loss of salv will be that big of a deal. Paladins and warriors are both getting a boost to their threat ouput; paladins in the form of attack power now affecting their threat-generating abilities along with spell damage, and warriors in the form of increased threat from Defensive Stance. With the tanks putting out more threat, salv is not as necessary as it once was.

Granted, the threat increase for warriors is only 15%, while Blessing of Salvation's threat reduction is 30%, so DPS will definitely have to be more careful. But overall, I have to say I like the change. Fewer buffs to manage can only be a good thing for smooth-running raids.

I was somewhat surprised to note that while warriors and paladins are getting increased threat generation, druids are actually getting nerfed slightly in that area--Feral Instinct will no longer increase threat while in bear form. I'm curious as to how this will change the class. Will druids no longer be viable raid-boss tanks? I'll be a little sad if this is so. I've always enjoyed the different strengths of the three tanking classes.


Chuck said...

Apparently the threat increased in bear form talent is being rolled into the actual bear form itself.

So no more talents to get increased threat, just being in bear form increases your threat.

Dave M said...

This is the same for warriors. There used to be a threat increasing talent, but it's now being rolled into defensive stance. So there's no change in threat except for any abilities that add to damage output.

Mikael Gunnarsson said...

On the topic of threat in WotLK, most DPS specs are getting their threat-reduction talents buffed as well. Elemental shamans get buffed from 10 to 30 percent reduction, fury warriors from 10 to 20, and other classes will probably follow suit..

Justin said...

The other major change to make your sure your watching (at least as I have seen thus far) is stat distribution on tanking gear. From what I have seen, warriors are having their stat distribution changed on both gear and skills so that they are benefiting from attack power on their gear in the form of increased threat and probably even a little bit of PROT DPS which I emphasize cause it sounds alien.

I'm really looking forward to the changes and hope it will make my main's tanking more useful, particularly in 5 mans where some dps could just make it a faster run.

Not entirely sure it was all intelligble as I have been drinking this evening... but I hope it was.

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